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The Immortal Rules

The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa I have to let you know that I simply love this book. I have read other vampire books but this one has been so different to what I have read so far. I'll let you know a little about the story.
Allison was born inside a vampire city. Human population has a cattle status and registered citizens has to provide the nutritional needs of the vamps. Until now she had survived by her street smarts and audacity. She is part of a gang of kids who no longer know a home and who have found shelter on a deteriorated school. Everyday her gang survives by their scavenger ways, stealing food and looking for anything they might use. Allison takes care of herself and Stick. Stick is a kid from the gang. His efforts to help out the gang are bearly visible and Allison has become his provider. This is why Allison ventures by herself one day to find food behind the wall sorrounding the city. Looking on the ruins she finds a cellar full of food and everything that could help them get through the winter. Could you imaging to find such resources in times of scarcity? She decides to let her gang know about such bounty and in that precise moment is when everything begins to go wrong in Allison's life.What will become of these kids? What will become of Allison?
Inevitably, Allie will change. Her love for reading will be the only thing that will be accompanying her on a journey where new characters will make an impact on her way to see to world.

The author takes time building the story and its characters of this post-apocalyptic dystopian book. This made possible for me to understand the world she wanted to portray. A world order where vampires dominate sounds scary and Allison has to survive on this world. She is strong and determined. She represents revolution and change. Definitely a complete character and I have no doubt on my mind, she will be a catalyst on that society. Stick is the other character that stood out to me. I despise Stick in every dimension of his literary persona. Always portraying himself as a victim and certainly Allison is the one who enables his dependency by providing for him. I see this character as a perfect example for cowardice, he is the antihero of this story.

Finally, don't miss this book. Julie Kagawa wrote a page turner with The Immortal Rules. Whether you are looking for a new vampire book or looking for your first vampire book; this first part of Blood of Eden is your book.

Review copy was provided by Harlequin via Netgalley. This book has been reviewed according to its merits.