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Cathy's Key: If Found 650-266-8202

Cathy's Key: If Found 650-266-8202 - Sean Stewart;Jordan Weisman This review was one I wrote and posted on my profile sometime ago when Bookarmy existed. Great site.

Cathy’s Key is the second book of a trilogy, but without a doubt a book that can stand on its own with a really interesting and dynamic plot. Cathy’s Key offers us a highly interactive and visual story accompanied with illustrations and objects (“the evidence”) relevant to the story. That for sure, will be a favorite thing for many readers, as it was for me. This is a modern take on books characterize for descriptive images intercalate with the text.
Particularly, I enjoy the writers’ style with the use of great similes. Also, Stewart and Weisman describe everything in detail, making it easy for the reader to imagine the environment and the characters. They can make Cathy and the characters approachable.
Certainly, A Top of the list YA Read!
A little about the book:
Cathy is the protagonist of this series. She is humorous, smart and hilarious. She is a young woman trying to find her place while having everyday difficulties like keeping a job, which she finds truly difficult. She also encounters bigger difficulties like keeping herself alive; protect secrets of the ones she love and the uncertainty of her love life. This book is a journey of discovery for Cathy. She will uncover the truth about her father’s death and on this process she will begin her way to maturity.
The story has fantastic supporting characters. She will know siblings Denny and Jewel with whom she makes a certain connection, where she can show the reader how caring and empathic she can be. Emma is her best friend, the person she trust the most and the one who brings the ideas to the table. Also, Pete is part of the team, a smart guy who works for her businesswoman friend and the tech savvy of the group.
Cathy’s Key is full of Cathy’s adventures and the reader won’t be disappointed. Cathy will find about her father, she will make peace with her mom and she will get the boyfriend. On the other hand, she will lose her diary, her cell phone and make big enemies, but that’s what Cathy is all about. More adventures are waiting her.