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Makers - Cory Doctorow Tech geniuses / futuristic artists or theme park tycoons?

Makers promised a 416 pages experience of futuristic tech ingenuity and continuous technological change, with some conflicts of course. The book is divided in three parts and ends with a short epilogue. The first part is characterized by optimism and idealism. Perry and Lester are happy with their days creating junk innovative art in Florida. At first you question why Kettlewell wants them working for him, but shortly they demonstrate the genius in them. They had interest in the people around them; they were good people who wanted to give something back to the community and especially to the shantytown. The second part is the end of the Kodacell’s new industry with its New Work. The third part is full of conflicts between characters while a “suits” (as Perry calls businessmen) dispute is presented in the story. And finally, we read the epilogue where the future full of easy solutions for each problem, shows its true colors. No more fame or notoriousness for them but the friendship is back in a final spin of inventiveness and remembrance.
I liked the ingenuity and openness of Lester and his wish to share his genius. About Perry, great optimism but he needed to abandon his high horse.
Overall, it’s a good story, sometimes difficult to follow the events, but a good one. Definitely, I’m interested in reading more of Doctorow’s work.

I received this book as a prize for a winning review at Bookarmy.com (when it was an active site) This is my honest review.