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Matched  - Ally Condie, Kate Simses This is a dystopian story of a world where everything is predetermine for the characters. Clothing, calorie intake even couples are decided for a society who establishes everything according to what will be more optimum. People do not express strong emotions or feelings. Things are one dimensional.

Cassia is the MC in the story. She follows the rules and has been Matched with her best friend. She is pleased until questions plague her mind. A new empowerment begins inside her, she wants to have the opportunity to choose.

There is no going back for Cassia.

I enjoyed the story , specially because of the narrator of this audiobook. Her voice and narration style helped me imagine Cassia and her surroundings. The world this author created in her story is one that is destined to detonate at some point. Population won't be happy with having everything decided for them, therefore a revolution will surely appear at some point of this series. The ending of this book confirms it. Look forward to continue this book series.