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Hex Hall (Hex Hall Series #1)

Landscape, Heritage and Identity: Case Studies in Irish Ethnography - Ullrich Kockel In Hex Hall almost anything paranormal populates the corridors of that school. It is a reformatory of sorts for teens with paranormal abilities and this is where we found Sophie. While trying to fit in at her old school,she used her magic to help a girl with her love life. That didn't work like she wanted to. She ended with an obsessive guy, a terrified girl(thanks to the obsessive guy) and a long vacation to Hex Hall. There she will try to deal with things more difficult than fitting in a new school. She will learn a lot about who she is.

This audio was entertaining and the narration was enjoyable. The narration by Cris Dukehart was clear but in the downside, sometimes it seemed detached, especially at the beginning. I couldn't visualize the place for a while, but then the narration piqued my interest and kept listening to the audio constantly in my car.

The story is appealing in many ways. The characters are developed by the author in a way that their actions add to the story. They have specific personalities. For example,Sophie has defining personality traits; her sarcasm as a trademark and her inquisitive mind. The only generic type was the three girls from the coven, they respond to the popular girls click which uses bullying to maintain control at the private school or well, any school.

The story has good plot surprises but the ending won the prize. The developments with Archer were unexpected, but not the one with her grandma. It has an ending where more situations have emerged and many possibilities exist.