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Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate - Annette Curtis Klause Blood and Chocolate is the story of Vivian, a teenage girl and her pack. The story emphasizes how hard she tries to belong. She tries hard to control her wolf side and by the other hand, she deals with her feelings and sexuality.
Vivian is just a teenage girl but her attitude shows traces of a female who someday could be an alpha. At least for the first half of the story it was true. But then she falls for a human guy. She is all hormones and no brain.
The story losses its track when Vivian shows her true nature to Aiden (human guy), and love isn’t enough for them to stay together. She becomes obsess and a danger to her pack’s safety. She sees clarity when finaly chose one of her kind.
I found the author's style simple and one that creates images during the first half of Blood and Chocolate. The characters were human but expressed every emotion as a canine would. I found that captivating. Overall it was just ok. I expected more from Vivian, but she never delivered that great heroine. Vivian who was a character full of possibilities, ended enslaved by her sexual nature.