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Swipe - Evan Angler Swipe is the story of Logan. He lives in a moment in Earth were people need to receive a mark in order to be part of society's machine. Soon he will be marked and new opportunities will be available for him. By receiving the mark, he can receive money by working, have food, transportation and housing, therefore having security. But Logan feels scared.
In the weeks while he waits to be marked, he feels insecure, he thinks someone is watching him. He becomes obsess with this. The only thing that brings some sanity to him is a new girl at school and his friend Dane. Together they will discover the dark reality of their society.

About this book
The story has an slow pace at the beginning. The author delivers a dystopian world that reminds me of The Gift trilogy with the spirit of its characters. In both books we see kids taking big decisions and confronting a great deal of difficulties.
Swipe is a dystopian story written using an almost thirteen young boy as the main character. At the beginning of the story he is a scared and looking through every shadow. As the story improved its pace, he gets empowered and decides to find out if he is been followed and by whom. Soon, he will discover more than he bargain for and the story will see an completely unexpected turn of events.The end got my attention and I expect to see of Logan and other kids from his world.
I recommend this book for Middle Grade level.

Ideas discussed on Swipe:

Individuality and privacy are lost.
Marking people as a way to establish control.
Segregation - People with the mark are good citizens, Unmarked people are undeserving, they are not good citizens.

Movie this reminds me of: In Time (movie)

Rating: 3.5 of 5 The story had a really slow pace at the beginning . This took momentum from the story.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing me this copy. My review was done according to the book merits.