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On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave

On the Day I Died: Stories from the Grave - Candace Fleming
This is a compilation of spooky stories. Mystery and suspense reigns on every short story from this book. The stories are narrated by Mike. He is a sixteen years old running late to his home. On the road he finds a strange girl, whom he decides to help. Then, he takes her home to safety. Once she is home, he hits the road but as soon as he returns to deliver her shoes forgotten at his car. From the first time he saw her, he thought of her as strange but when he speaks with her mother he will discover she hides more surprises when he has to visit the cemetery to give the shoes back.

They say: "seeing is believing". What does Mike finds at this macabre place? Mike finds plenty of dark stories told vividly by their own protagonists. Mike will hears every story as the night progresses and while he listens we will be scared, but he will find sympathy and connection to all these characters. While he listens, their stories won't be lost and they will continue existing.

About the book:
Scary stories are something I have always enjoyed. When I was younger, I loved shows like Tales from the Crypt which made me look under the bed and hide under the covers. I still love those shows! This book tells stories using every character as a narrator telling a personal story to Mike. Mike shows emotions about what he is experiencing and about his reaction to what he is being told.

Candance Fleming made a great job establishing tension on the reader. While I read, I couldn't abandon my reading, I was constantly thinking about possible outcomes for Mike. Constantly, I found myself thinking about the reason why he had been chosen to listen them. This book was well written and it shows a vast imagination for dark stories and mystery. It is a book that can be reread many times and still be a wonderful read.

My first favorite thing about this book is the beautiful and colorful cover depicting the setting. My second favorite thing is the table of contents with the names of every storyteller and their longevity. Clearly, both things show the main idea behind this book.

What do I think about the characters? I appreciate their individuality and their narrative full of details of their era.

Source: Via Netgalley for review purposes.