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Prom Dates to Die For: Paranormal Prom Stories

Prom Dates to Die For - Mari Farthing, Lena Brown, Heather Dearly, Kelly Parra, Jenny Peterson, Aaron   Smith
Recently, I've had the opportunity to read short stories, really good ones I might add. I read On The Day I Died, written by Candace Fleming. It was an interesting book, an one of the reason was that it uses a character as a listener. Through this character, the author channels the individual stories to the reader.
Prom Dates To Die For has an other approach.

Prom Dates To Die For is an anthology of YA stories that uses a rite of passage familiar to all of us as a setting: The Prom. These stories reminded me of the Twilight Zone series. Every story has its own character and showcases a great deal of individuality from the authors. Inside the pages of this anthology we find stories from the unknown: sci-fi, ghost stories, possessions, paranormal; well something for every paranormal genre reader.

The anthology is formed by a compilation of five stories where kids find themselves at some point at a Prom. I will mention things I enjoyed the most on my favorite short stories on this book. In Darkness Becomes Him (author Kelly Parra) we found an engaging and easy to read story where we find the paranormal and love. I would like to read more about her characters and I do think that this short story could be a beginning for a really interesting book.

Every Breath You Take (Lena Brown) was my preferred tale. It has a sweet simple ending. Also, it has strong elements that could be easily translated onto the big screen. It reminds me of those great 80's movies we still watch because they are so good that now are must-see classics.

About the book:
The idea to create this compilation behind a concept like the Prom presented an opportunity to these authors for the reinvention of a concept. Even the cover evokes the idea of prom on a dark mysterious setting.
I invite all of you to read Prom Date To Die For. Can't miss it!

Source: Provided by Buzz Books USA for review purposes.