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The Lure of Shapinsay

The Lure of Shapinsay - Krista Holle About the book:
A completely unexpected surprise! The Lure of Shapinsay surprised me. The summary is compelling and draws you to read it but once you start you are engulfed in the atmosphere of the book. I kept reading for long hours and couldn't put the book aside. I have to say, the book is pretty long. Read a kindle version, thought it was endless but worth it. From the beginning the author took time to create the island to a point you can picture it on your mind. Author Krista Holle took interest on her characters and developed them with complexity. The events were logical and dynamic. Two slow paced sections were the only moments were I got a little impatient, both involving Kait waiting obsessively for Eamon.

Characters have strong opinions. Kait presents herself as independent and is sad to see how she changes once the Lure grabs her. My favorite scene of her in the story is her naming the selkie, Eamon.

The use of a selkie brings something new. Usually the paranormal genre circumscribes to an specific set of commonly used creatures or phenomena and it is great to see a little folklore on this mix.

The cover:
For me, it is hard to see this man as Eamon. Cannot relate him to the character portrayed in the story.

I see The Lure of Shapinsay as a stand alone. This is a story that I considered is good as it is. It has a predictable ending but it is a satisfying one.

Source: Provided by author for an honest review. This book was reviewed according to its merits.