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Something Wicked: Short Stories

The Rights Of Ex Offenders - D. Rudenstine Something wicked is an anthology of short stories in the Paranormal YA genre. Each of these stories is unexpected. Authors took time to create surprising stories with thought provoking endings. These short stories were written in such a way that you get to know the characters intentions in a short period of time. The stories go well together, are quickly read and each bring variety and a different level of intensity.

I can assume the cover was inspired by El día de los muertos (Day of the dead). Looks wicked and mischievous.

All the stories were written by the same authors from Prom Dates To Die For. The only new addition to this scary writing journey of Something Wicked was Mary Hestekin. Look for Prom Dates To Die For and give it an opportunity to scare you! Thanks again to Buzz Books for providing me with a copy of their scary stories and give me the opportunity to provide my sincere review according to the merit of this book.