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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Book 1

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Vol. 1 - Denise Mina, Leonardo Manco, Andrea Mutti, Stieg Larsson I had access to a preview from the comic adaptation of the popular thriller novel The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. This creation of author Stieg Larsson now goes graphic.
As soon as I saw the cover I knew the quality of the artwork had to be amazing inside that book. Lisbeth looks strong and simply like someone you don't want to mess with. The image has a strong quality to it that makes the characters more palpable.
I appreciate images texture. Manco and Mutti delivered great effort to it. Also, details are a strong point, even hands have wrinkles. Faces show expressions and gestures we can differentiate. Good use of shadows and shades to establish time, emotions and atmosphere.
Many positive things but sadly, the preview doesn't have dialog. I have high hope for this graphic novel. So as soon as you see it available, give it a try. I know I will.

Source: Vertigo via Edelweiss

*This is an honest review according to the merits of this book.