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They're Coming!

They're Coming! - Timothy Young Refreshing! While I was reading this on my tablet, my 5 year old was sitting beside me. As the story progressed we were expecting something. I was expecting something terrible to happen in a town or something. I don't want to offer spoilers because this storybook although simple, it is good.
I will get this for my daughter. She said to me: “Mom that is pretty." And it is true; the illustrations created by Young go incredibly well with the story. Sure, the illustrations are digital, but I like them for their unusualness. The creatures look scary but at the same time nice. Through all the illustrations fog is predominant, which I liked for it added to the atmosphere.
Recommend this storybook for kids at Pre-K level & up.

Source: Provided by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. via Netgalley for an honest review