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Sparks Ignite: Part One of White Fire

The Wit Of Tenali Raman - Devika Rangachari The story created by J.A. Gouthro combines elements in sci-fi and fantasy to build his world. From elves to griffins, to elements and X-file types, all converge in the same reality.

The story focuses in the battle of light against darkness. Owen is the heroe in this story. His capabilities have brought a new hope to Elves and Elevens in their fight against darkness. But his priority is not this, for him love is his priority. Owen is a MC who shows improvement and character formation with the progress of the story. The character was bland at the begin but gets interesting and capable after 130+ pages. His goal is never changed. I have to admit to have considered Owen a coward. After, Alexia is taken he just went home and then he becomes a fugitive. What! Imagine my outrage. Then he returns in his alter persona and and the guy gains my favor again.

The book inverts time in long descriptions of battles and encounters that sometimes offer something to the story, but other times I could live without. I applaud his effort, I think the author wants us to understand the world as he sees it.

The logic in the action needed more analysis. Sometimes the development seems forced. Some details could be more reasonable and a few ideas could have been introduced in future books not all at once. As the book's page count got higher the author addressed this aspects in a more assertive way. At the beginning, the reading was tedious. I even put the book aside a few times.

Two amazing twists!
The role Andrew plays - It was surprising and this twist gave a jolt to the story.

The end -The last scene has a quasi Shakespearean tone. The author closed this chapter of his series with this great scene and then no more to read. Sad...

Overall, I recommend the Part One of White Fire to Sci-fi and Fantasy readers. Read this if you love reading about powerful beings fighting for the good guys. I expect an epic battle in this series, so if you like to read about heroic characters expecting battles and or epic encounters, don't wait and pick this series.

Book provided by author for an honest review