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True Blood: Where Were You? (4) (True Blood (IDW))

True Blood: Where Were You? - Annie Nocenti, Michael McMillian, Michael Gaydos This is the first volume of True Blood's graphic novel. In this volume the first five numbers have been put together to show us more about Sookie from the TV series. The comic books are not based on the books and I wish that would have been the case.

We get to know more about the vampire's mainstreaming on this volume. Remus, a vamp from Eric and Bill's past appears disrupting everything during Coffin Day celebrations. A series of flashbacks let us see Remus, Eric and Bill in their respective roles when mainstreaming was about to happen. These flashbacks are intertwined with events of the three of them in the present day. Remus is the character who connects the stories. In a way this volume is about him.

Overall, the story is interesting. The art is good but I'm not crazy about. Nevertheless, I plan on continuing the volumes. I think this comic has something to offer to the Sookie Stackhouse's world.