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Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong

Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong - Prudence Shen, Faith Erin Hicks Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong is a web comic that found its way to the presses and will be available in May. It is refreshing and entertaining. A series of fun occurrences are all around the book which makes the comic easy and effortless to read. The story puts an unlikely group of people together and that brings something different to the table, making the reader wonder constantly what could be the possible outcome of the story. I enjoyed reading Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong. It would be interesting to see a short series with the daily lives of these characters.

Illustrations are in black and white and while reading I never felt a need for color. Illustrations are well drawn and have their own character and individuality. More nice illustrations can be seen on Faith Erin Hicks' webpage. Visit it so you can get a notion of this cartoonist's work.

I recommend this comic for YA readers.

Source: Netgalley for honest review.