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I Hate Picture Books!

I Hate Picture Books! - Timothy Young I find this book to be the cutest thing. I Hate Picture Books! begins with a big rant from a little kid. He explains why he hates picture books. Interestingly, he has pretty solid arguments about how all his picture books have a trajectory of keeping him in trouble. Picture books have been providing him a great deal of information he applies in his daily life. He has seen every detail in the stories as useful in his decision making. For example, one day he finds green ham in the fridge. Although it looked weird he decided it couldn't bad. We all know about the green eggs! Well, our little friend had a bad experience for his tummy.

Like with the ham situation, he connects his literal concrete view with the result he obtained by following the idea on the specific picture book. The story makes humoristic reference to various picture books we read during childhood. I Hate Picture Books! mentions those iconic books children have read for generations. At the end he recognizes how dear all these books are to him.

From beginning to end, I had a big grin on my face. Timothy Young picture books are rhythmic and enjoyable. I Hate Picture Books! has a story which is interesting and peculiar, which I appreciate. The story keeps reading as a pleasant experience for kids and the illustrations are well thought out. In the pictures we can see details in the little picture books the kid has in his hands and even identify them.

This is a children’s book I find perfect for children pre -K to 2nd grade. This is one of those book I know my kids would love to have around.

Thanks to Netgalley for providing this e-copy for honest review.