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Feast of Fools (Morganville Vampires, Book 4)

Feast of Fools - Rachel Caine Emily has received Daddy vampire in town and as usual Claire and her entourage have been involved. This character Mr. Bishop arrives to town in unusual circumstances. He is accompanying Claire's parents whom -surprise!-are relocating to beautiful and peaceful Morganville. Emily is not happy about it, but nevertheless she plans a feast to celebrate Bishop's arrival so every vampire can pay their respects. Meanwhile Myrnin keeps in poor condition until Clare unites efforts with a doctor and achieve a better medicine to help control the vampire's sickness.

This gathering is not an innocent ball. It is a machination from Bishop and his people to have Morganville in his control. Clare is not invited and decides to go with Myrnin in her effort to trying to keep her friends safe. Once the feast begins, the almost nonexistent safety in Morganville vanishes and who knows if their fragile pseudo-safety could be recovered ever again.

I find Feast of Fools more active than the third chapter on the series. In Midnight Alley a strange character arrives, the same individual who will cause mayhem in Morganville during Feast of Fools. Clare as always tries to save everybody but things get complicated for her. Too many people to save for a sixteen year old. But as always, Clare uses her resourcefulness to respond to the situations at hand.

The characters in Feast of Fools:
You can see Michael is changing. His vampire side is taking over little by little. I think this is an inevitable change for him. The question is if he is capable to control himself. Shane is accepting Michael. Also, he keeps dutifully playing videogames. Eve is the character I simply tolerate for the sake of the story. I find her obnoxious.

This book has the best ending so far in the series. I really like how the story was developed. The story kept my with constant interest. The last pages are incredibly chaotic for Morganville and suddenly the story gained momentum. Wanted to keep reading but the pages ended. I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens next in Morganville.

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