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Wars in Toyland

Wars in Toyland - Joe Harris, Adam Pollina, Brent McCarthy, Nolan Woodard
Wars in Toyland is certainly an amusing comic book from the creative mind of Joe Harris. A fantastic wonderland has come to life by the skillful hands of illustrators Adam Pollina, Brent McCarthy and Nolan Woodard. This is a comic you should look forward to read for the story is quite imaginative.

Matthew is the hero on this story, a kid who enjoys playing with his toys and sharing that time with his brother Alex. At the end of one playing session he ends on a fantastic toyland a little by accident or perhaps a little by longing since his brother has been missing.

He arrived abruptly to a land built from toys, for toys and populated by toys...his toys. At his arrival he finds a clue of his brother's whereabouts, which motivates him to help the toys. Toyland is controlled by a Tediarchy and the toys need Mathew to lead them into war. Also, Mathew needs to free his brother. He will become the Captain of that army made of wood, cotton and all sort of things.

How beautiful this comic looks! Illustrations show character and high creative standards. Some illustrations show surrealistic influences, especially the images where the doll head was shown. The colors are beautifully done and are nice to look at. Cover art is well done and gives a perspective of what will be inside.

The story is creative and offers novelty in a theme previously used by other stories: Toys coming to life. It is delightfully entertaining. This comic is well written. The way the characters interact with each other is great. Matthew is the main character,but I consider soldier John to have part of that spotlight. He is a natural hero,loyal and a leader. Joe Harris did a really good job creating this characters.

Highly recommend this comic book!

Source: Netgalley for honest review