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The Cute Girl Network

The Cute Girl Network - M.K. Reed, Greg Means, Joe Flood Source: Netgalley for review

Graphic Novels in black and white is popular this days and possibly necessary to keep comics in budget. A lot of black and white comics are hitting the shelves and quite frankly they are doing an excellent job. As I have said plenty of times in this blog, colors are not a necessity to enhance good stories. The cute girl network follows the blank and white trend of comics with good entertaining stories.

Jane and Jack are the MCs of this urban story. They find themselves drawn to each other from the first time. She is a free spirited skater girl and he is a guy with a low income job selling soup from a street cart. Jack is not the smartest, or the most attentive or excels in anything but he grows attached to Jane and at least strives for not making an idiot of himself everyday. This works until the NETWORK gets in their lives and doubts a plenty get inside Jane’s mind. What is the NETWORK? you might say. Well, you definitely need to grab this graphic novel to find out and that way you get to know if these lovebirds work out.

The dialog is smart and fun, even witty in some cases. Art is ok and cartoonish. For all of you book devourers, there is a scene that is a total treat. Jane has book lover friends! And they get to read the thoughts of these gals about a favorite sparkly vampire of mine.