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A Bag of Marbles: The Graphic Novel (Graphic Universe)

A Bag of Marbles: The Graphic Novel (Graphic Universe) - Joseph Joffo Source: Netgalley for review purposes

The story begins showing two brothers enjoying just being kids playing marbles. These children lead a normal life until his father sends them to a trip away from Paris, the only place they have known. The father asks them to travel by themselves into the free zone to protect them from the Nazi invasion. During this trip, the children get to know people who help them get to their destination. On this trip, the kids manage to stay one step ahead of the Nazi army by the ingenuity that characterizes them and the kindness of people the find. Eventually, every member of the family travels while facing difficult situations. This is a story of survival and effort to find a safe place.

This comic is inspired by the story of Joseph Joffo. The tone of the comic is generally suitable for the situations presented. I find contradictory the reactions the characters show while experiencing stressful situations. They show no fear or intense reaction.

The comic kept me constantly reading. Even once I finished, the story remained on my mind.