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The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1)

The Forever Girl (Forever Girl, #1) - Rebecca  Hamilton Edition: Kindle
Published: January 2012 / Immortal Ink Publishing
Source: Received from author for review purpose.

Sophia is a young woman, Wicca practitioner and someone who is trying to find her place in a community were her believes are far from respected. From quite sometime, she has been hearing some kind of static, but after a ritual the static changes into voices. One night, she goes out with one of her friends and meets Charles, a shapeshifter. From that moment on, everything changes on her life. Little by little he enters her life and becomes an integral part of her, including his secrets. They share love and fight side by side, to confront everything that comes in their direction. Sophia will discover information she ignored about her family and about herself, giving this to her, a new found confidence. She will discover her powers as a witch and her bond with her ancestors.

While fighting religious fanatics and a group of a kind of unorthodox vampires , she will make new relationships and will discover how genuine or not are the people who surround her. With determination she will risk everything to save the one she loves. She will fight against another supernatural force, and these events on her life, will bring a new beginning for her.

About the book
I received this kindle copy via author Rebecca Hamilton, one day at twitter. On that realm she is known as @inkmuse. When I received my copy, I had already read the sample at Amazon and instantly, this tittle proved to be created with its strong characters as pillars. No doubt, the author takes the time to develop her characters. She gives them strong points, weaknesses, flaws, abilities, even preferences. They are complete in every way. The characters are continuously interacting with their surroundings and how the author describes details, gives you a feel of the setting. It is so that it makes you feel as if you were an active participant in the events.

When I began reading, at some points I thought the descriptions were too deep into the character, even excessive, but this grew on me while reading. I also understood how this writing style separates this book from others on its genre. The characters are genuine, they are not superfluous or banal. They show feelings, necessities and have hopes She even created a new kind of paranormal creature in Charles. I applaud this author’s effort.

Ideas this book deals with:
Lack of Tolerance - Sophia has to confront the constant harassment of a person who uses her religious believes to ostracize her on her community.

Read this book when you wish to read something about: Paranormal, Vampires, Witches, Paranormal romance

What do I think about Sophia? Sophia evolved and that is my favorite thing on a character. Also, I liked that this heroine wasn’t naive, she wasn’t weak nor was she codependent.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Overall, I liked this debut novel. They beginning was a little slow and a little bit confusing that’s why I took a star away.

Looking forward to read the next book of this series.