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Reflection (Reflection #1)

Reflection (Reflection #1) - Jessica Roberts Have to say I am really surprise by Jessica Roberts. I didn't expect to be absorbed by her storyteller skills and know I simply can't wait for her next book.

A little about the book:
Heather is a small town girl thirsty for life. She wants to begin a new life at college and forget about her past. Her best friend Creed is not that happy to be left behind, but she is decided to create a new life for herself.
Next thing we know is her awakening from a coma. The doctor attending her guides her through her memories. She begins to narrate her memories to this doctor. In her memories appears a guy called Nick. He becomes a clearly important to Heather. Heather has been hurt in the past, which explains why she keeps repressing her past. Every episode she tells to the doctor is more engaging than the previous, and every memory will keep you guessing. What does Heather hides? What happened to her?

This was my reading experience...
I kept reading for long hours because simply the story is that fascinating. Heather is a character you immediately empathized with. Roberts made a great work keeping a suspense climate around Heather.

I received this book from publisher via YABound for review purposes. This book was reviewed according to its merits.