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My Soul to Lose

My Soul to Lose - Rachel Vincent,  Amanda Ronconi When I found this on audible I gave it a try. I had read positive reviews about the series and decided to listen this sequel. First of all,if you are like me, probably you will need to listen to it twice. The first time the initial ten minutes were confusing and I couldn't follow the story. Kept listening and began to like it, especially when she is at the hospital and interacting with Lydia. I decided on listening again and now this series is on my radar. The premise of Soul Screamers is interesting. Kaylee gets this uncontrollable desire to scream. Everybody thinks she gets panic attacks but it is something more. Her situation has a supernatural motivation that I find curious and I want to know more of this character.

About the characters:
I find Lydia a potentially great character. She is intriguing. She has an ability that could help Kaylee but I can't help but ask myself at what price to her own safety. At the other side of the spectrum I see Kaylee's aunt. She doesn't sound like someone Kaylee grew up with. I don't feel to much empathy toward her.

About the narration:
It took me a little time to get used to Amanda Ronconi's style. At the book's beginning she sounded detached, almost informative. Her voice sounded in third person although she used pronouns "me" and "I" in her narration. As the audio progressed she definitively was Kaylee. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I listened to this audio twice. The second time in my listening, Ronconi sounds detached at the same parts as well.

I give a 4 to the story and a 3 to the narration. Recommend My Soul To Lose for YA and Paranormal readers.