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Fire (Elements of Power, #1)

Fire (Elements of Power, #1) - Heather     James Source: Provided by author for honest review.

Fire is a young adult fantasy story with Jasmine and Roxy as main characters. Heather James use both of them to show us two different points of view. These girls are extremes, one extroverted and free, the other introverted and secretive. During the story both of them find a point in common when both of them converge with similar feelings towards their male counterpart. During a relevant climatic set of events where his well being is threaten, the best and the worst emerge from these girls. It is in that moment in the story that Roxy won me and Jasmine looked the worst to me.

The end of this book has an ending open to adventure. Also, it was an ending where I wish Roxy could speak. I really hope Roxy have the opportunity to redeem herself in the next book. Roxy is the character who showed more development. Both Jasmine and Roxy are well thought characters that easily can support a series.

The writing style of James is entertaining and keeps the reader turning pages. The idea of Fire is engaging. It reminds me to the animation series Avatar The Last Airbender with the use of the concept of power to manipulate the elements. I recommend Fire for YA readers, Fantasy readers and well, readers in general. Fire is a good introduction for new fantasy readers.