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Saga #1

Saga #1 - Brian K. Vaughan,  Fiona Staples The plot of this comic is very interesting. Saga starts with a couple in the process of receiving their daughter in the world. They live in a place in which both are enemies for political situations. Alana comes from Landfall and Marco from the moon of the planet, Wreath. These two territories are at war, so they begin a journey in search for peace to have their relationship and to protect their baby. This family is chased by many enemies who want to imprison and threaten their safety and the newborn’s.

Additional dialogue is intertwined into the story narrating the events in the voice of the child. This gives the story a sense hope, knowing that somehow in the future in Saga, we will see the characters succeed in finding sanctuary.

This comic written by Brian K. Vaughan has smart dialogue that invites to be read. Vaughan’s plot and the art created by Fiona Staples in Saga, support of each other, making a comic I am delighted to read. Definitely I will continue with this series, as it is a promising one.