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Kellie's Diary

Kellie's Diary - Thomas  Jenner,  Angeline Perkins Written in journal style, this book shows the fictional story of a girl in search of her family. Kellie has a diary in which she makes entries about her daily happenings. Events in Kellie's Diary occur in the 90s, where this girl still in elementary school begins to write in this journal what she observes around her. As days go by, people with flu show in the population, as it is evidenced in the entries Kellie writes in the pages of her journal addressed to Barbie. The situation becomes difficult when she observes the first attacks and also, it is then that the story reaches its climax. The fight for survival starts for Kellie. Kellie with cunningness, intelligence and courage embarks on a journey to her home and to her family.

It has been a while since I have read a book that was so amazing for its simplicity and way of presenting the plot’s situation from the start. Journal entries are generated in a straightforward manner by presenting errors and corrections as a child would have written them in an effort to show their experiences as they are occurring. All entries except the first, are addressed at Barbie, name given to the journal by Kellie. When she composes each diary, Kellie writes as if she was sharing her feelings with a friend. This gives a sense of camaraderie to the interaction between Kellie and her ​​diary.

Authors Thomas Jenner and Angeline Perkins manage to create a unique experience in this character. Kellie has to make decisions that even an adult would find difficult by fear and terror. This girl is bold and wise, has common sense and intelligence, reasons that provoke in me fast interest in the events surrounding this girl. I kept reading so I could know what she would do next. This book left me wanting to know more about Kellie and about the 90’s as this decade is represented in Kellie's Diary. This is a series I want to continue reading during 2014.