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Elsewhere - Gabrielle Zevin The cover of this book was what had my attention since I first saw it. A snow globe in the middle of a blue, yellow and green background, just like a fantasy world in the middle of nowhere. You can feel like a spectator to a new world.

About the reading: It was refreshing and relaxing. It shows originality and inventiveness from the author. Characters show development and are easy to relate to. Then again, the events are predictable, something inevitable when the author establishes from the beginning the outcome of the story. Also, at some scenes the exchange between characters can be a little corny.

I enjoyed Elsewhere. It was fun and original, sometimes too predictable, but never boring. After reading Elsewhere and looking again at the cover, I visualize the snow globe as a contained , secure but fragile world. Also, I can say it brings the feeling of looking through one of the observation decks lenses the story mentions.