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The Mayfair Moon: The Darkwoods Trilogy

The Mayfair Moon - J.A. Redmerski A southern girl finds her beau at Maine but also danger in big quantities. Adria grew up in Georgia with her mother and sister Alex. A stepfather was part of the house, but not a father figure for these girls. He was a shadow for this family. While still in Georgia, one night they get involve on an attack by some creature. After this, their lives change when they go live at Maine with their aunt and uncle. Alex has change irreparably and she is a loving sister for Adria no more. Her personality changes, she is harsh and inconsiderate now, until one day she just leaves home.
Adria while trying to deal with her sister disappearance and strange behavior, makes new friends. One of her friends is Zia, member of the Mayfair clan. She knows Isaac, finding love for the first time. Soon, she uncovers the secrets this family has. They are supernatural creatures, werewolfs. Knowing these puts her family on danger.
Adria has to decide:
Meet her sister's demands leaving everything behind.
Fight and maybe lose herself in the process... even her humanity.
What would you do?

About the book
I read the Kindle version of this book. It kept me entertained, interested and wanting to read a little bit more every time. This edition came with a preview of the 1st chapter of Kindred (second book of the series) and it is promising. This book I'm waiting for.
The main character is Adria. I liked that she knew she was on danger and she understood that. She makes conscious decisions. She doesn't want to be what Isaac is. Usually, we see female characters wishing to leave and sacrifice anything for love. She just want to love and to be reciprocated.
Two things I wasn't crazy about (rating 4 out of 5):
She kept making excuses for Isaac in compromising situations.
The end was too paranormal drama. After all the chaotic situations, high school is the safe haven.

The story has surprises and unexpected developments for the characters. There is a character, Aramei who kept me curious. In fact I would like to read about this character more. Here's your task, look for The Mayfair Moon and find out who is Aramei.

I recommend The Mayfair Moon for readers who enjoyed genres like: YA and New Adult.