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Ta Ta for Now!

Ta Ta for Now! - Bethany Lopez Ta Ta For Now is the first diary Melissa writes and lucky for us we have the opportunity to take a peak. Her journal is where she decants her everyday experiences. It is where she describes her hopes and dreams. Through her entries we learn she is experiencing high school life while dreaming of love. She has her eyes on a boy and wants to impress him. Is this boy who she needs? Her high school will be a quick life learning experience.

In this book I would have loved to see Melissa interacting with the supporting characters. I do think this would have helped in getting to know her. Dialogues tend to show us a little more of the character through reactions. Journals only show the specific character POV and simply how they see everything. It is a story we can read during a relaxing day and have a nice time.

Review copy was received via publisher and YA Bound for review purposes. This book was reviewed according to its merits.