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The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays with Storyboards (The Opus Screenplay)

The Dark Knight Trilogy: The Complete Screenplays with Storyboards - Christopher J. Nolan, Jonathan Nolan, David S. Goyer This begins with a conversation between C. Nolan, J. Nolan and D. Goyer. What grabbed my attention of this interaction was how easily is their exchange of ideas. Clearly we can see how dear this movies are to them. An interesting detail we get from their conversation is how they approached each movie as an individual project.

After their brainstorming of ideas we can begin reading the screenplays. I have to admit I was kind of disappointed this book doesn't promote active interaction from the reader. I expected to see pictures and even storyboards integrated onto the screenplays. That way,readers could understand their experiences and train of thought. This book should bring insight of their creative process but it didn't do enough for that purpose. We do found storyboards after the screenplay section but sadly more as an appendix. To me could've been a highlight the integration between storyboard with its screenplay scene, so we could enjoy the creative process in action.

The cover for this edition looks like someone is looking at the sky in hopes to see the Dark Knight. The image is amazing because to others it could look like someone is vigilant of the city.
This is for hardcore fans of Batman and admirers of Nolan's work. If you have interest in studying the screenplays and enjoy some great storyboard work, this is for you.

Thanks to Opus Books for providing me this ebook copy via Netgalley. I review this book according to its merits.