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Careful (The Careful, Quiet, Invisible Series)

Careful - Isobella Jade Careful is the story of Estella, a young girl who loses her life by a car accident just when she is beginning to experience it. She dies suddenly leaving many unsaid words and leaving many possibilities behind. She was a smart athlete, full of promise and looking towards a brilliant future.

When she dies she never says goodbye and she (as a spirit) keeps experiencing everyday with the people she loves. This reading show us how she tries to deal with it all and how her loved ones try to come to terms with her death.

About the book:
The story is unexpected. It is youthful and sad at the same time. This is a book full of emotions. Estella displays her feelings of love and also, her friends and family express how they miss her. I kept waiting for the character to blossom in some kind of way. She was getting stronger and was gaining purpose but sometimes I couldn't understand her actions or lack of thereof. There was an specific moment in the story where I hoped for her to help her friends, but sadly it never came.

This is a book that can be strong by itself but also, I can see this as a series. From the supporting characters, I think Jett is the one who could bring a solid story. Eva is an interesting character too. I would have preferred for her to be less of a stereotype.

The Cover:
The book cover is nice. It has an "e" charm on a road. It clearly depicts what the story is about. Also, this item is relevant in the story so it was smartly used in this book cover.

E-copy provided by publisher via YA Bound Blog Tour for review purposes. This book was reviewed according to its merits.