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Demonglass (Hex Hall)

Great Indian Novel - Shashi Tharoor, Tharoor Shashi Demonglass is the second book in the Hex Hall series. As the first one, I picked this one on audio format. Here, Sophie has to decide between being a prodigium or removing her powers. Her father appears-finally!-in this book, taking her to England to show her how to control her powers and embrace her demon condition. This opportunity is well received by Sophie and with Cal and Jenna she goes to Thorn Abbey.

While in England she encounters Archer Cross. If you have read Hex Hall- and probably you have-the last time Sophie saw him they were separated by a knife between them. In Demonglass they are enemies, or at least they should be. Archer and Sophie work together and they uncover a dark secret in the prodigium world. That summer, Sophie had began to have a relationship with her father. Even she had decided to retain her powers, but at the end of that summer everything was in peril. Her father’s position was at risk, their lives were pending on a thread and Sophie can’t do anything about it.

Demonglass ended on a sour note. I kept listening to my audio non stop and for the last two chapters I kept waiting for some kind of miracle. Disappointed is the best word to describe myself. Sometimes, we readers expect whom we sympathize with, to overcome everything and anything. Don’t know what will happen to the characters but certainly will keep with this series. This book has a really good pacing and the story kept me rewinding to listen again parts that kept me on the edge.

Narration is well done. I can relate the narrator’s voice to Sophie as a character. Dukeheart kept me interested in this audio.