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A Match Made in Heaven (My Boyfriend Is a Monster)

A Match Made in Heaven - Trina Robbins, Nu Studio Xian Morning Glory dreams with being a Manga artist. She puts her hopes and dreams in a competition where she can showcase her work. While she is preparing her comic, a new kid arrives at school that later on, becomes her boyfriend. The circumstances of this match become quite interesting when she learns how the very nature of this relationship has impacted his purpose on Earth.

Trina Robbins created a comic book in the tradition of Manga, genre which clearly has influenced this title. Black and white illustrations show us the life of Morning Glory an aspiring artist whose boyfriends is an angel. This title is an example of a westernized Shojo. A Match Made In Heaven is directed to an audience in their teens. The story is entertaining, the art looks nice and the characters are likable. The illustrations have a sense of cuteness or as any good otaku would call it kawaii-ness.

After reading this, I can't help but think that there is something missing. The ending seemed forced. The last section of the comic with the letters is funny and complements the comic story. This is the #8 on the series My Boyfriend Is A Monster. Look for this series if you like Comics, Manga, Shojo or even Anime.

Source: Netgalley for honest review