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Midnight Alley (Morganville Vampires, Book 3)

Midnight Alley - Rachel Caine Clare is now in a great deal of problems. She now has her own bracelet and as many citizens in Morganville, she belongs to a vampire, in her case Amelie has the end of her leash. Her owner asked her to work with vampire genius, Myrnin to find a cure for a vampire sickness. Clare has to visit Myrnin everyday and become his apprentice. But with Myrnin suffering the same condition, Clare's safety is in jeopardy. He gets easily disoriented to a point where he doesn't recognize Clare, putting her in the same danger all his previous students were on. Sadly his students are not part of the living anymore, or the dead in Morganville's case. Let's say they are part of the normally dead.

Well, at some point Myrnin recognizes he no longer has control, for his sickness has overcome him. At the same time, Clare has been ingesting a little too much of a compound created by Myrnin, that gives her clarity of mind and basically opens her mind to tons of knowledge but that little by little deteriorates her. Then Clare has to apply all that theoretical knowledge and with a dash of cleverness she survives the mess she is in.

At the ending,an interesting set of guests arrives at the Glass house. We all know, guests are not goodwill ambassadors on that little corner of Texas.

Finally, we know who is the crazy creature on the alley mentioned in the previous books. I liked that connection. Myrnin is a character that has a big potential in the series. I hope to get to understand this character. I think it would be a highlight in future books,to read about who he used to be before the sickness.

The story gets more complicated for the group. Michael is a vampire, Shane is still in a not so good standing in the community and Clare is in a great deal of stress. This storyline kept me on the pessimist side of things. Constantly thought that simply only a miracle could resolve things. Let's say things ended ok...until a strange new character arrives at the door waiting to be invited in. What would you do? Would you invite him in?