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Spell Bound (A Hex Hall Novel)

Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins This is the last book on the Hex Hall series. Spellbound offers Sophie the opportunity to learn about her origins. It is a book that offers plenty of surprising information about Sophie’s mother. For three books, her mother was been kept practically on the darkness, but in Spellbound we learn about her and finally we clearly understand why Sophie used to live everywhere. Sophie Mercer becomes a true heroine in this last installment of the series.

I rate Spellbound with 3 ½ stars. Although it has a good rhythm and creates interest in us, I prefer the previous books. Let's not forget the positive things this installment have:

-Sophie’s sarcastic humor is always present.
-Spellbound, in the tradition of the series ends every chapter with a cliffhanger which motivates the reader into reading continuously.
-Events developed in a logic way, not always surprising but logic for the story.
-Sophie is shown as a dynamic character.

Spellbound has some room for improvement.

I find the ending to be trite. The development of events for Cal as a character has predictability written all over it. I wonder if the author created this character with more purpose than to be “the one who sacrifices for the good of the story”.
The ending was lacking.

The end of the story is the part I have my reserves with. That last scene had dialog that read as boring and random. It didn't give a sense of achievement and satisfaction to the series after three books. It seems to me that the last minutes - 4 minutes I might add - of this audio could have been left into oblivion.