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Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1)

Paranormalcy (Paranormalcy, #1) - Kiersten White Paranormalcy is the story of Evie a girl whose life revolves around everything paranormal. Since she left behind a life of foster homes, her life has been the tag and bag of creatures. She lives at the IPCA, an international organization on everything paranormal, a place that represents work and family for her. At some point she finds love in a paranormal, and it turns into a journey of self-discovery for her. Finally, the place she called home was just a façade and she discovered a whole new world.
What can I tell about Evie? Well… Her exorbitant amount of cuteness is not credible and she wears too much pink! She comes from a foster care system; therefore those years probably weren’t full of joyous memories. A girl with that kind of background and living in an emotional empty place like IPCA, doesn’t name everything with cute names and strives for the ultimate pink wardrobe. I pictured her as mature and practical and as I kept reading she disappointed me.
About the book: The beginning was fun. The scene with the vampire invites you to explore the story. As you turn pages the narrative lacks an emotional element. It lacks the capacity to involve the reader and it makes us feel alienated to the story somewhat. The repetitiveness of the expression: defeat sigh, I’m done sigh, well, the whatever sigh, gets boring. Sometimes the sighs add something to the character but normally, these are annoying.
Towards the middle, the story improves. There’s better writing and the characters develop more, Evie included. But sadly it’s not enough to deserve more stars. The cover is wonderful; Evie looks ethereal, strong and with purpose on her eyes. That’s not the protagonist of this book. One cannot help but wonder, if it’s Vivian’s image the one gracing the cover. Also, the ending is cheeeeeeeeeesy.
The author has a good premise with Paranormalcy. Also the YA/Chick Lit mix is promising. Hope that in future books the characters develop farther.