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Forgotten - Cat Patrick Amazing! So much time since I read a book I enjoyed so much!
Forgotten was a great surprise for me. I decided reading it after one of my goodreads friends began reading it. The book is a mix of mystery with a little bit of suspense and a dash of romance.

Author Cat Patrick is reinventing the amnesiac theme with London remembering only the future but completely forgetting her past. I like that she is not making London, the heroine of the story, invulnerable and omnipotent. To know the future is a strong weapon but your past is strong as well. The past gives you knowledge to live a life. So, by making London forget her past, she is giving her a handicap, and that is unexpected.

London is a smart heroine. She has a good way to deal with her problem, she uses notes and her mobile phone to get remainders(Today mobile phones are great for people with short term memory, but imagine she lived on the 90’s) She has people around her whom care about her and that is always a plus. The story has two high points: when Luke confesses and when she knows about Jonas. These two events are turning points for the story. It has a good ending, a hopeful one. Readers know they will read more about London in the future.

This book reminded me of two movies. London and Luke day by day experiences reminded me of 50 First Dates . On this movie, we see Lucy with the short term memory problem and Henry trying to get her to fall in love everyday. Also, there is Memento. We can see London’s notes as Leonard photos and tattoos. In the movie Memento the character, Leonard, uses this as guidelines to hunt a man. So, we can conclude that Leonard, Lucy and London can easily hang out together and also, that if you want to have children without short term memory problems, please, do not name them with an L name.

The book is definitely well written. The story is organized and the events are logical for the story. Twists in the story are interesting. The story evolves, characters are hopeful and readers can easily sympathize with them. At the ending, we can see clearly a seed for a second book. I can’t wait to read more about London and Luke. Probably by the second book Luke will endure a short term memory loss...THE L NAME CURSE!