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Defy (Firstborn, #1)

Defy (Firstborn, #1) - Raine Thomas Defy is the first novel of a trilogy of young adult fantasy and romance. This is the story of Tate, a young Kynzesti who loves adventure and who wants to prove herself. She feels capable of confront everything the world throws at her. She soon will be eighteen and new abilities will be a part of her. By circumstances she couldn't control, she is taken from her family. When this happens she will get to know a mysterious been called Zachariah, and from that point their lives will be linked forever. Tate will find herself in danger and Zachariah will be her protector.

This is a book about love, romance and family bonds. Tate is a great character, she is strong, smart and driven. Also, she is ignorant, but who isn’t at some point of their lives. She is a character who develops, that is always a plus. She is fun, resourceful and created with an unique personality.

This book shows Tate’s first adventure, the first time she abandons safety. The characters supporting the action on the story are strong enough to be individuals inside her story. To me, her cousin Sophia is a character who easily could be translated on a story of her own. Tiege,her twin was relevant for his abilities and strong bond with Tate. I would like to see in the future more about the other Kynzesti.

Raine Thomas has a wonderful imagination. She created fantasy with structure which it is not an easy task. She created a logical world with a structure that can be diversified in a plethora of stories, it has no boundaries.

Her writing style is one you wish to read. Her book immerses us, the readers on a magical world.

Rating:5 out of 5 , great reading for all those who love fantasy and good YA. My review was based on the attributes of this book completely.

Don't forget to follow this one with the second book: Shift. The preview promises a great story!