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Embrace - Cherie Colyer
Source: From Publisher for review purpose, Blog Tour

Written by Cherie Colyer, this book brings to the table a fresh look of the paranormal theme. Madison is a high school girl with magical powers. She ignores her capabilities; she discovers them one day thanks to Isaac. Isaac is the new guy at school every girl wants. They love each other first and know each other second; they took a little leap of faith. He teaches her how to use her powers and soon she discovers that her closest friends also have talents of their own. They unite to protect each other from danger and to learn about their talents. Madison and Isaac put everything in the line to protect each other against the attack of other witches.
During the story a love triangle appears and Madison and Isaac see their bond deteriorating. Their love will be stronger, helping this to end all the threats around them.
This story is not only about witchcraft and powers; it is about young love and trust. Love and trust in one another is the clue in this story for the characters to be triumphant.

About the story
This novel is the perfect example of really good paranormal YA! I could say YA is my favorite genre and when I find a book that involves paranormal phenomena, a great story and great characters; that’s a happy day for me. Embrace is an example of this. I got interested on this tittle from the moment I read its synopsis.
The author writes in a fluid way. The story progresses easily on its own effortless. The characters have special abilities but they don’t stop being teens. I recommend it if you are looking for YA paranormal and something fun to read.
The only thing I would change is the cover of this book. I can’t reconcile this cover with the story, they don’t seem related.

Ideas shown on this story:
For this story Embrace = Acceptance. Madison embraces love. Also, she embraces her inner force through her powers. She gets stronger and more assertive.

What do I think about Madison? To me she is like the girl next door, nice and friendly. Her more relevant quality is loyalty. Been loyal is what defines her as a person, and we all can see it in the way she cares about her friends.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Great YA, entertaining! One of those read you can’t stop reading.