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Shift (Firstborn Trilogy, #2) - Raine Thomas This chapter of the Firstborn Trilogy is driven by Sophia. She is different from the rest of her family. She has the capability of shape-shifting, which she does not know how to deal with. While she learns how to accept herself as a special being, she has to deal with her feelings towards Quincy. From Defy, we know there is tension between them and possibly emotional attachment. Now we see how they have fallen in love but are clearly in denial. Sophia flourishes in this second book. As the story progresses she becomes the heroine of the story.

Tate appears too, but now accompanied by Zachariah. Tate needs to be rescued again. The first book left the scrolls quest open and now Tate has been taken for her ability to see the truth and being of high importance to find them. Something that took me for a surprise was that I thought Tate would be more relevant in this book. She interacts with Sophia regularly but, Sophia is the MC and is who promotes the action.

I expect to see more of Sophia as the main in a next book. She is the kind of character from which a new independent story line can be created. She began with a world of uncertainties but ends this chapter showing her assertiveness and her willingness to love and be loved in return.

The Book:
The first thing I want to emphasizes about Shift is its cover. It is a simple yet beautiful image. The contrast between blue and black works really well. The second is the level of creativity this author shows. The story is innovative, the characters are multidimensional and this world provides an infinite set of possibilities for this author to create from.

Thanks to YABound for providing me this copy for review purposes on this blog tour. This book was reviewed according to its merits.