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Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5)

Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5) - Rebecca  Hamilton Ophelia's Journey is part of The Forever Girl Journals. This time we get to know Ophelia. She works for a family in a time where conjectures and suspicion could make anyone persecuted. A fateful day, an ouroboros mark formed on her neck, causing the change of events that will transform her forever.

The novella continuous with the paranormal mythic world of beings created in Sophia's Journey. Here we see Ophelia becoming part of this world of creatures as a Cruor. Story is engaging and it's notable the use of descriptions to heighten the narrative. Slow story that gets dynamism once the MC embraced her new nature. Takes a little time to get use to Ophelia's accent, but it is not a big drawback.

Find the ending rushed. Felt I wanted to know more about the characters. Who knows, maybe we will see more of them in Hamilton's future projects.

Thanks to Rebecca Hamilton for providing this copy. It was used for review purposes. This novella was reviewed according to its merits.