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Change the World Before Bedtime

Change the World Before Bedtime - Mark Kimball Moulton,  Josh Chalmers,  Karen Good To impact the world in such a short time sounds crazy and ambitious. Certainly, the title of this storybook is what motivated me to make this selection. Once I began reading, the title made complete sense. Change The World Before Bedtime teaches kids to be part of changing the world into a always improving place. Children learn to have a proactive attitude and to develop a sense of community.My favorite detail about this book is how children learn to understand that their actions can impact and can provoke change. In this storybook no effort is minuscule to achieve a common goal.
The art is cute but grabs attention immediately.Kids are drawn to look at the pictures and definitely will enjoy the artfully made illustrations. Children can learn the morale in the storybook just by looking at the art. So, kids still not at reading level can enjoy and understand the story too.

Great for: Preschoolers

Source: Provided by Schiffer Publishing via Netgalley.

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