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Outstanding Picture book. Gorgeous colors used in such a way that surely depict nature's rage in a way kids can understand and assimilate. The story presents the process any family could pass if there is an emergency in their home towns. The family on this story will try to save their home but at the end it only will depend on nature's course.

This wordless picture book provides a way to teach kids to continue. The family experienced destruction, but they decided to rebuild because it was their home. Kids can learn the seriousness of a strong atmospheric event through the images on this book.

Colors are beautiful and embody emotions. Images are drawn carefully and in detail. My favorite element of this book is the images during the hurricane. They show such a fury and intensity, that immediately I felt empathy toward the family depicted in the storybook. This book doesn't need words. Words would be useless in this book, for what the author wants to say is clearly shown to us by his art.