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The Evil Tree

The Evil Tree - Erik Hendrix, Daniel Thollin The Evil Tree works the formula of the cabin in the woods plus dark presence equals weird stuff. I have seen this time and time again in many movies. It can be a repetitive theme that can be made original according to the authors skill. Although, The Evil Tree needs some polishing in its dialog and character interaction, the author creates a mystery in Misha which definitively helps the story. Her friends are worried about her because they notice she has changed since she have been living in this isolated place. Some presence is perturbing her and just at the end author Erik Hendrix leaves this number in this terrifying cliffhanger of a situation.
I appreciate Erik Hendrix interest in creating fear using a winter setting in an isolated cabin. Also, They made a great job with colors. My favorite thing is how Misha is overcome by this mysterious presence and then this presence becomes kind of tangible thru the tree. This is a series to watch. If you are a fan of suspense and terror, get The Evil Tree.